So we sit there just talking but really we’re doing four fifths of five eighths of fuck-all

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A Matter of Pride (1/8) A Red Queen fic

Title: A Matter of Pride (1/8)

Pairing: Red Queen (Regina/Ruby)

Rating: M for violence

Summary: With her partner dead at the Evil Queen’s hands Agent Red will stop at nothing to make sure the Evil Queen is taken down. Only the stories about the Evil Queen aren’t exactly accurate and there is much more to the feud between the Evil Queen and Snow White than meets the eye. Her journey takes her on a trip that makes Ruby question what she knows and who she trusts.

Inspired by a post from 100poundsofcatfish.

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I really like Siren's song! Thank you for sharing it! Do you pan to continue it or write a sequel/epilogue for it? It would be awesome! Interesting to see what will happen next XD Again thank you for writing it XD

I’m glad you liked it! I totally intended to reply to this with at least a little bit more for you to read. Then my computer started doing weird things and I’m trying to fix it. I have about 500 words and a plan from when I first wrote Siren’s Song. It’s a little outdated now because it was written pre-season 3 and involves Ursula and Ariel. I’ll probably just write it anyway. I’ve got some spare time this week assuming I can use my sister’s notebook. :P

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