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Anonymous asked: First time Regina sees her girlfriend as a Wolf and not just human?


"Why do you want to see it so much?" Ruby asked defensively, wrapping her arms around herself as a defense mechanism as she paced. 

"Because it’s a part of you," came the decidedly patient reply from the former Mayor, who was sitting on the edge of their bed in the Mills Mansion, watching her lover pace back and forth in front of her. 

Ruby quietly huffed as she continued to pace, not looking at her lover. She had long ago mastered her wolf, back before the curse was ever enacted, to the point where apart from the full moon, she could shift between her forms at will and have complete control. After the curse broke, it took Ruby a little while to regain full control, but not nearly as long as she had feared. By now whenever she shifted forms, she was a docile as a puppy, happy to curl up and go to sleep if she didn’t feel like taking a run through the woods.

"I thought you had regained control over it," Regina said, breaking the silence and mirroring Ruby’s own thoughts.

"I did," she replied simply, her pacing never slowing.

"Then what are you so worried about?" came the question Ruby had been waiting for, almost dreading it. It caused her to finally stop and look straight at the woman sitting on their bed. The unlikely lover of the best friend of Snow White. Not everyone understood it, not everyone accepted it, but Ruby didn’t care. She and Regina were more alike than most people realized, and of all the people in Storybrooke, Ruby understood the former queen better than anyone could realize. They were opposite sides of the same coin.

"Because even the slightest chance of me putting you in danger scares me," she finally said as she shoulders slumps, almost as in defeat. "I’ve killed so many, Regina, without knowing it, without remembering it. I… I killed a boy I once loved…" Regina knew about Peter, about what had happened to him, Ruby knew her lover didn’t need to be reminded of it. 

Regina stood, moving to stand in front of Ruby in one stride, one hand tenderly reaching up to cup Ruby’s cheek. The werewolf couldn’t help but instantly lean into her lover’s touch, the simple action calming her more than she would care to admit.

"You," whispered Regina softly, her chocolate brown eyes showing a warmth not many people ever saw, "are not going to hurt me. It’s not the full moon, so you can change back whenever you like. I just want to see the other part of you that I’ve never seen before."  With that the former Mayor leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Ruby’s lips, which she happily reciprocated, the easiness of their actions a second nature to her. After pulling away she gave a small nod. 

"I’ll show you," she murmured softly, giving Regina a small smile and nudging her to go sit on the bed again. When she was seated, Ruby closed her eyes, allowing her mind and body to relax. The change was almost instantaneous, the slender waitress replaced with with a jet black wolf with amber eyes, its tail wagging slowly from side to side. 

Regina’s eyes widened for a moment, the size of the wolf surprising her. She had heard stories, of course, about the Wolf, but had never seen it for herself, but there was no denying that her lover’s other form was just as beautiful as her human form. Slowly, she extended an arm out, and the wolf trotted to her, gently nudging into the outstretched hand. Regina was surprised at how soft her lover’s fur was, running her hand deep into the thick, black pelt before gently scratching behind one of the creature’s ears. She couldn’t help but laugh as Ruby’s tag wagged faster, a clear indication that she was scratching that good spot. 

"I don’t see why you were so worried dear," the former Queen said softly, smirking a little bit. "You’re really nothing but a big puppy. Perhaps I should invest in some Milk Bones for you?"

With that the wolf disappeared and was replaced by a grouchy looking Ruby. “What did I say about the dog jokes?” she said irritably, crossing her arms as she sat with her back against the bed, a pout on her face.

Regina laughed before reaching down and scratching behind one of her lover’s ears, receiving a “HEY!” and a swat at her hand. 

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but this *is* what happened though

like, this is exactly what I remember.

It is true. This happened. It was never addressed to Cora what Emma meant at all.

Even though Emma starts right off saying that Henry is her son, Cora knows that Regina must be a very significant part of this family because Henry was obviously named for Regina’s father/Cora’s husband. Since Emma didn’t mention any other third parties to connect them, Cora had plenty of reason to believe that Emma and Regina were intimately acquainted. And there we have it, by calling Henry her grandson, Cora outright acknowledges Regina as “the other mother” despite not being told anything about Regina’s relationship to Emma and Henry. 

 Cora Died Thinking Regina And Emma Were Divorced LesbiansAnd I’ll Never Be Over That'At Least You Married Royalty Again Dear''What Are You Talking About Mother''The Child Of Snow White. Why Did You Separate? You Have A Child Together.''That's Not… We Don't…''Did She Break You Heart? Shall I Rip Out Hers For You?''NO!'And Cue The Wondering Why The Thought Makes Her Go Cold~. (via winged-mammal)

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